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Tennis Puns. 7) Tennis is like waiting tables. The first serve is the most important thing to get right. 8) They should change the scoring system, but the sport doesn't see the point and is set in its ways. 9) You're so mean about my tennis strokes. I won't hear anymore of your backhanded compliments.

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Best Tennis Puns. Here we have some of the best puns on tennis and ace puns that not just the players but everyone will love. People who are looking for the funniest table tennis puns should browse through this list. 17. Two tournament directors published the illustrated versions of their match schedules at the exact time.

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Serving up tennis jokes, return humor, ace laughs and game point jokes tennis players love. Tennis Humor, Faulty Puns, Gripping Jokes (Because Serving Up Winning Court Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Professional Tennis Dribblers!)

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Funny Tennis Puns. Don't be a deuce. I'm in love when I beat you. You just got served. It spin a long time. Shots! Shots! Shots! on the baseline... You make quite the racquet. Shank you! That felt like a backhanded compliment. Orange and Apple are playing today which is no surprise since they are both seeded. Have you seen my balls? Kiss my ace. Tennis anyone?

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Best Tennis Puns. 1. The retired tennis player didn’t make a great waiter because he kept saying “You Got Served!”. 2. The man with four hands is a great tennis player because of his four-hand. 3. Players at the local tennis club were unable to surf the web because there were problems with the server. 4.

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Following are some of the best tennis puns that will win you laughs. See also 51 Sex Puns That Are Orgasm-ically Good. 1. Tennis is such a fun game that you can’t help but have a ball when playing it. 2. The walls at the tennis factory must be so thin because everyone is making such a racquet there.

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Tennis ball machine for sale. Only $100. Had it over a year now. Has served me well. 👍︎ 3. 📰︎ r/puns. 👤︎ u/VERBERD. 📅︎ Jan 02. 🚨︎ report.

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Tennis Puns – Read at Your Own Risk. 1. Is your eyesight as bad as your cell phone reception? Because that was a terrible call. 2. The walls in this tennis factory are so thin, that when I try to get some work done, all I hear is people making a racquet. 3. Do you always play this badly at the net? Because I don’t like your approach. 4.

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Tennis slogans for high school teams, youth teams, college teams, and more. Use the sayings on apparel as a rallying cry and more. These tennis expressions, phrases, and puns also make great Instagram captions and Facebook headlines.