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Basketball Layups for Beginners - SoCal Elite Sports

Basketball Layups for Beginners. Before learning the vast amount of different shots in basketball, all youth basketball players need to learn how to shoot a basic layup first. A layup is the easiest shot to learn and most of the points in youth basketball comes from making a layup. Before shooting the layup, you get to take 2 steps towards the basket without the referee calling a traveling violation on you.

Basketball Lay Up Drills - 3 Lay Up Progressions For Beginners

Teach the key fundamentals young players need to comfortably and consistently finish layups. The following progressions are perfect for teaching the fundame...

How to Shoot a Layup Tutorial - Basics "Basketball for Beginners"

Learn how to shoot a layup in this basketball for beginners tutorial. The layup is one of the most basic shots in basketball and players like Kyrie Irving, ...

Layup Basics – How to do a Basic Layup for Beginners – CBI

On the command, “Step Back,” players step back with their left foot so it is extended straight back and the right foot is forward. On the command, “Step,” players step forward with their left leg. Follow the, “Step,” command with, “Drive,” and, “Shot,” in cadence, to create the rhythm for taking an active lay-up.

Lay-up Drills | Basketball For Beginners

2 Line Lay-up drill – This classic drill is good for practicing your lay-ups with both your left and right hand. 3 Line Lay-up drill – This drill can help players develop their lay-up, passing, and defending skills. It can help players practice getting pass people and driving in for a lay-up in a game. Full-court Lay-up Race – This drill stimulates a real game situation where you are fatigued, it allows you to practice doing layups under pressure while you’re running fast.

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How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

How to Do a Layup (6-Steps) 1. Eyes Up. The very first thing a player must do when they decide to attack the defense and finish with a layup is get... 2. Outside Foot Step (Long). The first step a player makes as they pick up the basketball should be with their “outside”... 3. Inside Foot Step ...

20 Basketball Layup / Finishing Drills for Coaches & Players

20 Basketball Layup & Finishing Drills - For Coaches & Players Beginner Layup Drills. With beginners, you should use very simple drills to teach layups. The simple "layup line drill"... Youth Layup Drills. You'll notice we do not have any drills listed in this section because all the drills below ...

How to Shoot a Basketball Lay-Up in 6 Easy Steps

Basketball Lay-Up 3-Step approach. The footwork is the trickiest part. So, let's start there. The lay-up basically involves a 3-step approach. For a right-handed lay-up, the pattern for your feet is left-right-left. Let's break it down... You don't need a ball yet. Step #1: Take one step. Starting on the block, take one step backward up the key.